Recovery & Acceleration

Recovery & Acceleration


We focus on under-performing programs and projects that fail to deliver the mandated scope, energize stakeholders, attain the target business benefits, and realize change outcomes.

EPM Advantage

At EPM, our credible reputation for managing high-risk and challenging projects sets us apart. We have a successful track record of quickly identifying areas that need recovery and acceleration. As a result, we have the expertise needed to refocus existing work streams that require rapid results.


Through a disciplined approach and solid engagement methodology, we deliver consistent and predictable outcomes. Here are some examples of our work:

  • Recovery – EPM was retained to rescue a major program that was significantly behind schedule, over budget, and facing challenges due to stakeholder misalignment. Through the support of our team, the program was turned around in three months and delivered effectively. The success of this initiative achieved high adoption by the business community.
  • Acceleration – EPM led a highly complex new metre reading and billing project, affecting over five million customers. EPM quickly grasped the changes at hand, designed a unique delivery approach for the client, and assembled a highly qualified team. This resulted in tremendous acceleration, delivering a high-quality product ahead of schedule.