EPM’s Quick Evaluation

Our quick evaluation form below is a summary of key questions that provide an efficient way to self-assess your current capabilities.

If your answer is “No” or “Partially met” to any of the following questions, please click “Submit Evaluation” to share your results with us.

We will review the results and contact you for a complimentary initial consultation. In that meeting, we will provide a recommended approach and share best practices. That includes optimizing delivery, maximizing your ROI, and achieving your strategic vision and goals at no obligation.



Are your benefits being realized consistently and predictably?
Is your stakeholder community aligned with the organizational vision and purpose and ready to receive the change and sustain it long term?


Is there a compelling business case in place with tangible outcomes and quality-driven results?
Do you feel the project or program is delivering great value for money?


Is your project or program delivering optimally, on-time, on-budget and meeting or exceeding its established targets?
Is there a feedback loop for improvement?
Are best practice program and project management frameworks being followed to enable success?
Is your project/program expediting product to market?


Is your governance structure functioning as intended?
Is the integration of people, process and technology proving to be highly effective?
Is there a change management framework and communication and training plans in place that measure and accelerate adoption?
Are your service providers delivering to your expectations?